Eye candy guy is not very sweet...

So... my fear about my eye candy guy at the gym has come true. I have enjoyed watching him from afar for a while and had this fantasy that in addition to being attractive, he was also articulate, outgoing, friendly, witty, and intelligent. Within the last couple of months I hadn't seen him much because I hadn't been going to the gym in the morning, however one morning that I was there I was forced to greet him because I was leaving the gym and his vehicle was parked close to mine and had I not greeted him it would have come across as being snobby... so we exchanged greetings then did the nod thing, you know the nod of acknowledgement once you have become somehow familiar with someone. Well yesterday morning I saw him at the gym... he was doing some weight training when I was leaving and it was another of those weird moments... I crossed his path and there was brief eye contact... then he did the look away thing... how rude! I don't do the look away thing to people who have made eye contact ... at least not without a small smile of acknowledgement. So eye candy guy has lost his appeal. Must find new piece of eye candy... So.. like the image above, he's not what it seems or what I hoped... the image above is a painting of a box of chocolates. So... not as sweet as you would think.... oh well. I will find another gym crush...

I have been to the gym three days in a row. Today my workout was not as good as I would have liked, but my knee was actually hurting a little. I am not sure why... but I listened to my body and called it a day. It makes me nervous of course, but it could also be getting used to my new flashy sneakers... I am going to swim tonight ... I have decided that my evening activities, whether a walk or a swim will be bonus activities, not what I count on for being healthy.

Today I was able to get into a skirt that I had bought this summer when I saw it on sale and told myself I would get into it by the beginning of the school year... so... since this is still Sept. I would say I met that goal. I felt good in it too, which makes a big difference. One of my good friends, Sheila, is a very good ego booster. She compliments me daily on what I wear and how I look... and I appreciate it, but also egotistically want other people to start noticing too... is that a bad thing? vain perhaps? I have had to buy some new clothes just so that I don't look sloppy... and soon I will be able to dig back into what I have in my closet from when I had lost weight before....

Oh... I bought a motivational shirt!!! It is so cute and it was on sale for $5... so I bought it... a tank top, sooo cute... in the sixe I want to get back to... and I hope that maybe by mid to late summer '09 I will be able to wear it. It is adorable... maybe I will post a picture of it so when ya'll see me in it you will know I am in a good healthy size!

Gotta run, my ride to the pool is here!


Fall Foliage is Starting

This is a photo I took this weekend. You can see the start of the fall foliage. We have had a lot of rain and rivers are quite high right now.

Today has been a good day. I promised myself that I would be lazy... and I have. I did not get out of bed until about 10:30 this morning. I was awake before that, but just enjoyed being under my blankets and all toasty warm with the kitties. I didn't go to bed last night until about 2 a.m. because I got home from working the tolls just after midnight and needed to unwind for a bit. So it was nice to be lazy this morning. I got up, had breakfast then decided I needed to hit the gym to try out my new sneakers. Let me just say that they are AWESOME! I felt so much better walking around the gym in them and I used the elliptical to test them out. I only went for about a half mile but I felt pretty good. I think that the new sneaks are going to totally rectify the foot pain issue I have been having. This makes me feel good... I don't want anything getting in my way of being able to work out. I was so limited for so long and don't want to go there again... However, I am going to take it easy this week, I will be active, but will be careful with the level of impact I do, as I get used to the new sneakers.

It's funny... because my feet don't fit into women's sneakers I often get frustrated with what options I have when I purchase shoes. Thankfully many sneakers now look pretty gender neutral. I usually go for a pretty simple shoe, but like to have them look good too. The pair of sneakers I bought to use at the gym are pretty freaking beautiful! They are shiny, silver, and red! They are a little more flashy than I usually go for, but for some reason these shoes make me feel like I am athletic....tall and athletic, and into fitness... oh yeah.. they also make me feel like I could kick a little ass if I wanted to! Who knew a shoe could do so much?

After hitting the gym I did some errands, including grocery shopping. I got a lot of stuff this week. I stocked up on some things. I bought some extra meat to put into the freezer. I was proud of myself too because as soon as I brought it all home I took it out of its packaging and put it into ziplock bags in my freezer. I only put enough in each bag for me to use one at a time. I also bought lots of veggies and plan on making a spinach and artichoke dip to eat with them. Granted the dip isn't super healthy, but if it gets me to eat more veggies I say go for it. Plus the way I make it the dip is more spinach and artichoke than cheese. So... it is mostly healthy. Right? I also bought the ingredients to make this bean salad that I love! It's such an easy recipe and sooo delicious. It's even better if you eat it with the lime tostitos, but it is healthier just by itself. Here's the recipe: (I think it is originally a weight watchers recipe.)
Ingredients: 1 can of black eyed peas, 1 can of black beans, 1 can of small red kidney beans, 1 can of chick peas, 1 small can of corn, chopped celery and chopped red onion. 1/3 c. oil, 1/3 c. apple cider vinegar, 1/3 c. of either splenda or sugar.

Directions: Drain and rinse all beans, chichpeas, and corn then put them in a bowl. Chop up about a 1/2c. of each red onions and celery. (small pieces) Add them to the bowl and mix them all together. On the stove bring the oil, apple cider vinegar and splenda/sugar to a boil. Let it simmer for a few minutes (2-3 minutes) then pour over bean mixture. Stir it all together. (Add a sprinkling of salt to taste if desired) Let chill in refrigerator for about an hour or more, then enjoy! (You can make it a day before too, and it stays pretty well in the fridge for 4-5 days.) Delicious... however, there is a warning that accompanies the bean salad... beware of gas!

Tonight I am going to watch the Amazing Race! I am so excited. And, tomorrow morning I am going to the gym before work again. I have been going later in the day, but I want to do it in the morning, I feel better that way. Also, that means that any activity in the afternoon/evening will be extra activity, not what I depend on for being active.

Octopus vs. Starfish

Mom had a catscan on Monday... or Tuesday I forget which. She will see her oncologist next week to get the official reading from him...but yesterday she saw her regular, local doctor and he gave her some information. First, she had gained some weight. Yay! This is a good thing...means she has been able to keep her food down and able to build up some strength. Then the doctor told her about the results of the scan.

The initial impression he got was that the tumor's size had increased... BUT... the tumor is changing. There are parts of the tumor that appear to be dying. There was a term for it, but I can't remember it right now. Narcro...something... so that's good news. The tumor also seems to be softening, liquifying, which is apparently a good thing. I hope to get more info about what that means next week. Her local doc related the tumor to an octopus. He said that hard, solid tumors can act like an octopus by reaching out to other areas and secure itself to other things... and a softer tumor can't.

I like the octopus simile... but then as I was thinking about it I wondered what happens if one of the tentacles of the tumor is chopped off... does it regenerate like the arms of a starfish, or is it done? I know mom's body is fighting like crazy to beat this, and psychologically she is doing well too. (Truly my hero!) I am sure that it is taxing for her and dad and more than I can ever understand.

If the tumor is liquifying... does that mean her body will expel it? is the tumor still growing or is it regenerating the parts that have died, like a starfish? I don't know. I guess lobsters regenerate too... so I could have used a lobster which is probably more aggressive than a starfish... although starfish eat their prey by ejecting their stomachs from their body, right? What does that have to do with mom? Not sure really, but that's where my head goes sometimes.

Next week one of my coworkers/friend is going to be spending time with her husband at the hospital as he undergoes some treatments for prostate cancer. She is terrified of course and has a lot of anxiety. On Friday I took her a little hospital survival kit... including hand lotion because the air in a hospital is so dry, gum, crosswords, soduku, pens, tissues, a notepad to write down what the doctors say, and a whoopee cushion, for comic relief... I know she won't take it with her, but it is something that I knew would make her smile. Sitting at the hospital is so hard... she insists that she wants to be there alone as her hubby is in recovery and ICU... she said she asked her parents not to come and feels like it isn't ok if she asks other people to come. I told her that the difference between her parents and her friends, is that the stage of life that her parents are in means that she has to take care of them when she is with them. Both of her parents have balance issues, difficulty taking medication due to arthritis, hard of hearing, etc... she didn't disagree... but I think she would feel guilty... I told her to reconsider having people with her. I told her my ass is used to hospitals and I would love to bring her some coffee or something... so we'll see if she lets me do that. It's hard to know where to help people and when to back off... balance.

Balance is key... speaking of balance and health issues, etc. I bought myself a present today. SNEAKERS. I don't think I had purchased a new pair of sneakers since before my surgery last summer. As a result my sneakers have been worn a lot and have been causing some foot pain. So... I got some new ones. I am so excited. (I actually bought 2 pairs... one for the gym, one for walking outside.) I wore them to work tonight on the tolls to try to break them in a little. So far so good!


Zen is easier...

Zen is easier with a good margarita.



It is hard to be all zen about things... and sometimes I need a test to see if I can maintain it... This week I am being tested.

My computer is sick... the leader of technology in our district was an ass about the whole thing.... and I told him so... not that bluntly, but I did.

I want to improve the culture at my school and am frustrated about how often the adults are rude to each other...and have started to call people on their behavior. (Also holding myself more accountable for my actions and words...and have had to make an apology to a colleague who caught me in a hectic moment and I was not as patient as I should have been.)

I had class tonight and one woman drove me nuts. I kept telling myself to stop being such a jerk... and then I went off on a tangent in my head about how can I expect my colleagues improve their attitudes if I am being so grumpy. And as luck would have it... this same woman is in the group I am a part of for our huge group presentation. She dominated all of the conversations, didn't listen to any of us in the group... and it drove me nuts..... oh, and we disagreed philosophically on all points.... so... the course is about leadership... as a leader, if I ever decide to be a principal... how will I deal with someone with that personality?

So I wonder... if I feel frustrated with several things... I need to reflect on my part of that negativity... and strategize how to change things...

And... I am tired... I haven't had a day off in a while because I have been working on the turnpike on weekends.

This weekend... I have Sunday off... and am sooooo looking forward to it... sooooo looking forward to it... some time to re-energize...

Tonight I am excited... SURVIVOR is back! And there is a man who teaches in my school district on the show.

Plus... tomorrow a few of us from work are getting together for some beverages...

I will blog more this weekend. I have been doing well being active... don't think I balanced my food intake well. (Not enough fruit and not enough variety in veggies!)


Sad day

My computer is sick... very sick...it was taken away today to the computer fixer place... It was hard to let go of it.... I am a PC person and now I am stuck with this mac thing... YUCK!

That's all for now...



So... the pic of me and Sara was taken in late June... and the one of me and Todd was taken last week.... notice any difference? (I am trying to see if all my working out is making a difference.)

For You Mom...

Hi Mom! Mom has been back to reading my blog, yahoo! She claims to not have read it since her diagnosis... and that is probably a good thing... Anyway, recently one of my good friends, Sheila, has bee trying to gain control over her dogs. She has chihuahuas... currently 5 adults and 4 puppies. (One of the puppies was adopted.) So... for you math stars out there, that is 9 dogs. With that many dogs she has realized that it gets chaotic and realized that her dogs are in charge at her house. So... she has decided to become the "alpha bitch" (her words, not mine!) So, she likes to take the dogs on walks and really work on training them... so since we are neighbors and I do enjoy her dogs, she asks me to help her. I don't mind at all... however, we get a lot of laughs as people pass by... me a woman standing 6'6" tall... next to one or two chihuahuas weighing between 3 and 6 pounds. I am sure it looks silly... and mom said she really wanted a pictre of it... so mom, this pic is for you!

Mom also scolded me for not updating the blog since last weekend. Sorry about that. I am not sure where the week went. I have been busy, but can't remember what I did on what days... I did get to the gym once and swimming twice... and did the walk today. Tomorrow I will go to the gym at some point. School is in full swing too, and I have been trying to get a lot of planning done for my students as well as a lot of homework for my professor.

I have felt tired a lot this week... but the kind of tired where you feel like you have been prodctive. Plus it has been cold...and I have been eager to get in bed and snuggle with my cats under the blankets. It is nice weather for that.

I want to give a special shout out to my sister... this week she began a new endeavor and I am so excited and proud of her! Love ya Lady!


BFFs (Best Friends Forever)

This is me and my friend Todd. I took two other pictures of us and he was actually smiling in those, but this is my blog and I chose the one I look the best in! How's that for vanity? Todd and I went to high school together. I have mentioned him here before.... he is someone who taught me how to trust people, and to trust in true friendship. I was his best person at his wedding. Tonight he and his wife and their two children were in town visiting his wife's sister. So I got to hang with them for a while. They got married just over 8 years ago. We talked about that tonight. He and I shared a hotel room the night before his wedding...it made for a fun story. Anyway.. he and his wife now have two beautiful kids, a 4 year old and a 4 month old. (Almost 4 months.) I had seen Todd in March, when mom had her surgery, but had not seen his wife and older son since their older son was three months old. I got to read two books to their older son before they put him to bed and got to hold the baby for a while. Then Todd and I went to the lobby to visit so that his sons would go to sleep.

It is so surreal to me that Todd is a father. I am sure he is a good father, but my memories of Todd, of course are from high school and college... and we were not always the most mature back then... our Mario Kart marathons did not seem to align with parenthood... but it's cool. Both Todd and his wife have red hair and both of their kids do as well. Todd and I vowed that we would never grow apart... our late night conversations around the fire pit in his back yard when we were in college covered so many topics, including our determination to stay close. But things haven't worked out that way... we are still friends, obviously... and we are still there for each other. The closeness is not what it once was, but I think that is a natural progression. He has a family, I don't. We live three or more hours apart... so it's tough... I value him so much. I know if we lived geographically closer we would spend time together. I am glad I got to see him tonight. I hope to maybe stop at his house sometime this fall on one of my trips to see my parents.

I wanted to make sure to post this picture for my mom... she always had fun watching Todd and I together... She liked the silliness we shared and enjoyed Todd's charade skills. We both agreed that we look pretty good for people who have been out of high school for as long as we have. He thinks I still look young... says I could pass for someone in their 20s... not sure I agree with that, but... I was out last night and in the midst of a conversation with a complete stranger... she had made an assumption that I was in my 20s... so... perhaps I do look a little young... I'll take it!

This is a picture that was recently emailed to me by Melissa... this is a grop photo of some of my other friends, who I mention often on here... Matt & Melissa and their son Tobias, Me, and Sara and Phil... This was taken on a late summer day after having a great lunch together. I really love the friendships that I have with this crew... and I attribute that to Todd in part, because he really was perhaps the person who taught me the most about friendship... so it's cool to post these pictures together.


What Just happened?

It is about 5:20 p.m. and I am just getting home. I left school as soon as the kids did... so I was out the door by 2:20 and headed right for the gym with my friend Sheila. We were warming up on the bikes by 2:40 or so... then we stretched and started doing our leg weight training. When I was part way through my routine Sheila headed to the treadmill. I finished my routine and then headed for the elliptical machine. I wanted to do a mile and see how fast I could do it... I did it in 12 minutes and 23 seconds... My fastest time in ages! I would not have been able to keep up that pace, but am pleased that I am capable of that... that's where I used to be, at the top of my workouts... I could do about 3.5 miles in 40 minutes... so I feel hopeful (more hopeful!) Then I planned on doing 25 minutes on the bike. I always listen to my music when I work out...but at about 4:00 there was something on the tv next to me that caught my attention... an episode of the dog whisperer. I am not a huge dog person, but I enjoy that show. So I unplugged from my music and plugged into the tv on my bike and watched. I had to reset the bike for extra time in order to see the half hour show... so I did. Still biking... at 4:30... (which was about 40 minutes on the bike) I was wrapped up in it...and realized that the show still had a half an hour... what's a girl to do? Well... I waited for a commercial then headed to the treadmill and walked for a half an hour... so... the show had a happy ending and I felt great... so I did cardio stuff for about an hour and a half! Cool! I must admit that I didn't walk too fast during that last half hour...but that's ok.

I may have had some extra motivation today too... at work I got many compliments ... from coworkers and kids about how I looked. I would like to think that I don't get caught up in that, and compliments are hard for me to accept... But it felt good knowing that I am taking good care of myself and people see me looking good, and I don't think it was weight related, I think it's my energy. Not many people know I am working out again. One woman I work with said to me, wow, you just look great. I think that compliment is easier for me to accept because I feel like it is a compliment about something I am doing right now, taking care of myself. So, I got my ego stroked today and it felt nice. I really feel like I am on track!

Now... onto another topic... I didn't post yesterday... not for any particular reason... but, yesterday, of course, is a very important date in our history. Probably the most significant day in my lifetime. It is important to recognize that and remember that day. It did change life as we know it... and I have so much respect for the lives of people who died and their families, those who tried to save them, and those who work today for our country... that respect is unwavering no matter my stance on this war.


Full Circle

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days... technical difficulties. Plus I have been busy being active. There is BIG news in that department.

(Clearing my throat...) I walked back bay today!!! For those of you who aren't local, there is a 3.5 mile walk that outlines a small bay in Portland.
This is a picture taken of part of back bay... I did not take the pic... but... it is a beautiful place to walk... and it is nice because there are always other people there too, being healthy. The last time I had walked completely around the 3.5 mile loop was probably five years ago... and I remember the agony I felt while doing so. I was with Sara at the time and it was horrible. I was in one of the phases where my knee didn't seem to be that bad so I thought I could do it... but it was torture... awful. I remember how much it hurt. Last week Sara had invited me to go there to walk while she ran. I agreed, but decided I would not walk the whole thing, that I would walk for a while then turn around... well in that walk I walked close to 3 miles.... but last night I walked the entire thing!!! It took me about an hour and 10 to an hour and 15 minutes or so...not too bad. My knee felt fine... my feet hurt and I had blisters today but that means I need new sneakers... and I was able to go for a walk tonight with one of my friends and two of her chihuahuas... then went swimming tonight for an hour. Well.. I wouldn't call it swimming... I am not a strong swimmer... but I treaded water for that time and really worked on really moving my arms and legs, so I think it was a decent workout. I am feeling great. I am so excited that Back Bay can become one of my activities again. I had hoped to be able to have done it before summer, but I couldn't. I think that the weight training I am doing at the gym is what is really making a huge difference in how I feel and with what I am able to do.

Things do come full circle... the last time I had walked back bay... was with Sara and now my first time completing it was also with Sara... she clapped for me and I put my arms in the air like I was a champion! Yahooooooo...

School is going well too...kids are great... one of the kids I work with is a sweet kid, very naive and I worry about her.. but... she was in a classroom with another teacher, who told me this story... The teacher asked, "Does anyone know who invented the telephone?" This girl raises her hand and said, "Yup... it was invented by Alexander Clamshell!"

Too funny!


It's not about pride.... right?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... big sigh.... I worked for the turnpike today...and I am tired. I was less than pleased when my alarm sounded... I think I was just tired from this having been the first week of school...full week... so it was difficult to get up... and the day dragged. I took school stuff with me to do but I couldn't make myself do it. I so wanted to come home and crash, but my friend Suellen called reminding me we were going to the gym... so I came home, changed into my gym clothes and went to the gym. IT was a good workout... warmed up on the bike and then stretched out a little... then did something I haven't done in a while... I jumped... well I suppose it was more of a hop. Strange... the last time I had really tried to hop/jump was when I graduated from PT... Suellen and I talked last night and I said that I would love to try a step aerobics class but I wasn't sure if I could do the little hops... that conversation led to her suggesting that I try it today... so I did... it wasn't easy... strange how my body has to still relearn things. I could hop from one leg, but doing a hop from two feet was the strangest thing... I got it after a while, but my left leg was like, no way lady... I don't DO that, remember? But I did it... and after a few hops I decided that was enough for a day, but I think that I am going to be able to do a step class at some point... I can't wait. I LOVE step aerobics. It makes me feel coordinated and I think it is one of the most fun ways to work out. In college some of my friends and I would all go together and had a blast. Soon... soon. So today... I was also the day I needed to do my arms... so I was sing some dumbbells while on a bosu then on one of the exercise balls. One of the exercises is hard for me, because my arms are so weak...it's the one where I lift the weights straight over my head and I tried to do it with the same amount of weight I was doing for the other exercises...and it sucked... so I did more... and then I thought I was stupid... if I was helping a friend learn this I would encourage them to use a weight they were comfortable with... and told myself it wasn't about pride... it was about being healthy. So I switched and it worked out... then I did a little more than 2 miles on the elliptical... I feel so good working out...soo good... I am so thankful that I can work out. I have much gratitude...

If you have time, blog buddies, send more prayers to my friend and her dad... things are tough right now...


Falling in Love...again.

I realized something today... I am falling in love. Yup... It's a love that I have had for years... and today I realized that the last few years, dealing with PVNS, had dulled my passion for it. I am once again falling in love with teaching. Truly. Today I played games with the students I will be working with in math. I do a lot of games on Fridays because the kids love it, and they learn without realizing it. The game we played today, a dice game I learned from my mom who learned it from some of her camping pals....it's a game of luck to an extent... but kids have to add, multiply, and also work on probability. Anyway... not to bore you with details... but... I love it... I get to assess more about the personality of the kids as well... who is competitive, who takes risks, who is shy or outgoing, who supports each other... and it allows me to see kids come out of their shells a little bit. Today this one kid, who is a peanut.. .tiny... smiled and laughed a little... I had yet to see that... so I was thrilled. I also have an assistant in that particular class and she works with this kid all day and told me at the end of class that she had not seen him smile once since school started until today. Besides that ... today started out with a parent meeting. It was with a parent who has been known to be somewhat ...challenging... and I knew I had to be assertive to do what is best for this child, not what was convenient or what would enable this child... The child was also in the meeting and has been known to demand control in meetings... I didn't allow that to happen and was able to keep bringing the focus of the meeting back to what the child needed and what was in her best interest. I was at the top of my game... if I do say so myself. I was able to give examples of the success the student is already having... I paid close attention to the conversation, the body language of the parent and child, and was able to do what I need to do for this student. Later in the day I worked with this student and it was great! She did really well and I believe we are building a good rapport. She doesn't trust herself, trust that she CAN do so many things... and I hope to help her gain some confidence as we move forward. After the meeting I asked my administrator for feedback and she was happy with the way I handled things...knowing the history she told me she was impressed with my ability to be kind and respectful while also being firm and articulate. I was relieved.

I also got a chance to bond a little with some of the kids I case manage. (Do all the paperwork on as well as offer instruction to...) Usually the teachers are kind to kids on Fridays... less homework... so when I get them for my part of the day we can relax a bit more than normal. So today I was a little silly with them, a combination of it being Friday and me being tired. I was quirky... and had the kids going... it was so fun...

Teaching is something I have wanted to do my whole life! In second grade I was paired up with a boy with Downs Syndrome, as his peer tutor... Apparently I came home and told my mom that I wanted to work with kids like him for the rest of my life. Whenever I had the chance I helped out in the special ed room in elementary school... not so much in middle school, but by my senior year in high school I was walking to the elementary school when I had a studyhall and reading with kids there. So, deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up was an easy decision... After college I was eager to start my career... and got hired at a beautiful school in a beautiful, rural community. It was a difficult experience because the politics were so fierce. I decided after 2 years of it that teaching in a public school was not my thing and quit. I was then given the opportunity to move to CT to work with a family I had been employed by in summers as a nanny. They hired me as a private teacher to their son who had cerebral palsy. It was a great experience, but I began missing having a classroom and working with many kids... and in a moment that I remember clearly... decided to return to teaching. I was sitting on a bench in Manhattan on one of my many weekend trips into NYC. A woman sitting on the bench next to me asked me about myself and for some reason about church. She told me that she went to a church that was located in a nearby building, pointing it out to me. Then she asked me what I did...I looked away for a moment and I said something like, "I was a teacher." and something clicked ...an epiphany if you will... I knew I was a teacher... and I looked over at the woman to, with more authority, "I am a teacher," but she was gone. I looked around, but she had disappeared... It was a strange moment... gave me chills and something I didn't tell many people for fear they would think I was nuts. But in that moment I was more sure that I was a teacher than I had ever been. So, I returned to teaching, here in southern Maine. It hasn't all been roses... I have times when I get so frustrated by the politics, but realize that I love teaching more than I hate the politics that go with it.

Over the last few years I haven't really felt like teaching... and have even wondered about what else I could do for a career... in thinking about it today... I think that physically I was feeling so bad... that I lost my passion for teaching... and it's back...

So, I am in love... with perhaps my very first love.


OMG I am O-L-D!

Wow... I saw NKOB (New Kids on the Block) on The VIew today... they are OLD... I remember that band being popular... and they were not much older than me... and they look old... OLD... ahhhhh

Yes that was a confession that I watch The View. Anyway... I have to tell you all that I have had so many emails over the last few days!! THANK YOU!

I have to say that my life is really getting back to normal... I am amazed at how much mental energy I have because I am not planning every move I will make with my knee and constantly monitoring my pain level... Being back at school this fall is sooo different than last year... being able to put up my own posters, carrying my own plants into school... feels so good.

I have been working out a lot and really feel good, strong. I feel so lucky to be able to do that - be active. Granted I am still working on building up my cardio endurance, but... I am there and it feels great. (Maybe it feels better leaving the gym with the workout behind me than it does knowing it is in front of me, but either way, it's awesome!)

Hearing from some of you knowing that you are also returning to swimming, walking, and even running keeps me inspired! Yahoo!


New Blog Feature...

Hello Blog Buddies!

I am so excited to let you know that I have gotten a lot of emails from many of you! Thank you. Some of you have agreed to let me publish your name and email addresses on here in order to open up lines of communication for more people to share their experiences too... We each have our own PVNS story and I think it is nice to find people whose stories are similar.

So... if you look to the right column of the blog, below the little blurb about me, you will see the beginning of a list of people who are open to hearing from other people with PVNS. Yay!

Thanks to all who are willing to share their information here.

My Favorite Place

My Favorite Place