First Paddle!!!

It has finally happened... 
The weather in Maine was good enough for me to go kayaking!  (Although as soon as I got off the water and got my kayak secured on my truck, it began to rain!) 

I had to go to work this morning to welcome kids to take their SATs.  I did not stay long and as soon as I could I bailed... headed home and got things ready to go paddling.  It was a GREAT first paddle.  

Things are coming back to life...

This was my first turtle sighting of the season... Hello friend! 

I just wanted to share some pictures... I also saw a good sized snapping turtle, but he was stressed having me around so I left him alone.  I also saw a heron which quickly flew away and also got to spend some time with a loon.  I had seen the loon early on in my paddle, but it kept diving so I let it be and figured I was lucky to have spotted a loon today.. but later... the loon appeared not far from me... and I got a few videos... two of which are included here:  

As I was putting my paddle and life jacket away a vehicle drove by and beeped their horn... I had no idea who it was... but it was my college roommate.  I have not seen her in probably three years... since then she has been married and has had a baby... It was nice to see her.  

It was a great day!  

My Favorite Place

My Favorite Place