If this is 40...

I went out tonight to celebrate Sara's birthday.  Today is not her actual birthday, but it's coming soon! We went out with Phil and our friends Matt and Melissa for drinks and dinner.  I am the youngest of the three of us in this picture... Melissa (front right) will be 41 soon... Sara (front left) is about to be 40... and I will enter the decade after the thirties this spring... I think we look Great!  Especially for 40!  I think we could pass for younger!  If this is 40, I say bring it on!

Going out tonight was a great way to finish my Christmas adventure... I got to go to NYC, got to spend time with Sis and the boys... and got some friend time... I am a lucky girl! 

Merry Christmas to All!

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My Favorite Place

My Favorite Place