Feeling the love!

It was a great week! I feel more like Christmas than I have in a long time... but not sure it has anything to do with the calendar... I had my hospital meeting Monday and afterwards felt like a huge weight was lifted...Got the title to my truck, yup she's mine all mine! (Thanks Santa!)... I met my future husband... (Or at least the most qualified candidate I have met in a LONG time!) Had dinner last night with a couple of great friends, and today, got to have breakfast with Debbie!  THAT was the whip cream on the Sundae!  (I don't like Cherries to the whip cream is the top of the top!)  Tonight I took myself to my local watering hole for dinner and decided to pay for dinner for two people sitting opposite from me at the bar, both there solo... I watched them and eventually they struck up a conversation... I told the bartender to please put their bills on mine and tell them their bill was paid for by Santa and Merry Christmas... He looked at me and said why? I said... because ... They were pretty happy when he told them... Fun!!!  Tomorrow I head out to see Sis and the boys!  I cannot wait!  I am also gonna swing through NYC for a night and see a play...

I will miss seeing Dad, Betty, and Jacey for Christmas! 

But... I am feeling pretty grateful and hopeful... Merry Christmas to all!

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